F & W Property Management Ltd.

1487 Ottawa St. S.
Kitchener, Ontario

Phone: (519) 749-8407
Fax: (519) 749-0189
Email: info@fandw.ca

  • Arrange for the purchase and or repair of all Condominium owned equipment
  • Establishment in conjunction with the Board of Directors and in accordance with the Standard Unit by-Law and the Reserve Fund Study, preventative and long term maintenance programs
  • Oversee and supervise (as required from time to time) all property maintenance programs and contracts
  • Enforcement with the boundaries of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments pertaining to the Declaration, B-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Condominium Corporation
  • Suggest recommendations and improvements on how to improve upon existing existing contracts, by-laws and rules and regulations
  • Carry out all directives as issued by the Board of Directors within budget guidelines
  • With the Board of Directors once yearly, conduct a major site inspection
  • Complete regular site inspections through-out the year
  • Prepare for the Board of Directors a report to review property deficiency list list of repairs that were completed with Board approval and within the budget guidelines
  • Provide general maintenance worker for general maintenance in and around properties
  • Preparation of annual report for the auditor
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements for board review and approval, detailing budget variances, monthly disbursements, bank balances, reconciliation, arrears, balance sheet, payable/receivable ledger
  • Reserve fund statement
  • Long term planning in accordance with the Reserve Fund Study
  • Collection of common expenses
  • Payment of accounts as approved and directed by the Board of Directors
  • Budget control to ensure compliance with expenditure guidelines
  • Automatic withdrawal service for unit common expense payments and special assessments
  • Visa is also available to pay common fees and special assessments
  • Arrears are sent to the solicitor in compliance with the Condominium Act on a monthly basis or as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Office Secretarial duties at no charge to the Condominium Corporation
  • Recording secretary for Board meetings and Annual meetings can be arranged for an additional cost
  • Obtain quotations for all contracts including insurance
  • 24 Hour emergency service
  • Attendance at all Board meetings and Annual Meetings or Special meetings of Owners
  • Provide a monthly Property Manager's Report
  • Prepare at the expense of the Condominium Corporation Newsletters and general memos
  • Provide proof of insurance liability, errors and omissions, works compensation (where applicable)
Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Out of pocket expense are to be paid monthly by the Condominium Corporation or as billed for items such as copies stamps, etc.